September 11 Memorial

IMG_0929 The 9/11 museum was created as a memorial to the fall of the Twin Towers. The museum itself is shaped to look like a building that has fallen on its side and was built right next to the towers’ foundations. Inside there are four levels. Throughout the museum are placed different items that were recovered from the wreckage of the Twin Towers. There are also pictures of before and after the planes crashed into the towers.

There was a separate room that branched off the fourth level. In that room there were clips from TV broadcasts, more pictures, quotes from people who experienced the attack, a time line of the attack, phone calls and more.

Also on the fourth level was a map of the world that flashed messages written by people who visited the museum. There was a machine that you could write your own message on, so I did.

Hello, I am Megan and I will never forget the fall of the two towers. I hope no one else does either.       – Megan F.

The 9/11 museum was very sad, but in a way, also very beautiful. If you ever visit New York I suggest visiting this sight.