Anse Bourg, Les Saintes

Note: See Owen’s and Megan’s pages for their photo essays about Anse Bourg!

We have thoroughly enjoyed Anse Bourg, Les Saintes, just south of the island of Guadeloupe.  This is a place where, for a several centuries, different cultures have fought, done business, and vacationed with each other.

On our first day we visited Fort Napoleon, which commands the harbor from a towering hill.  From here in 1782 you could have watched Admiral Rodney’s fleet defeat de Grasse’s, reaping vengeance for the French victory at Cape Henry six months earlier (the pivotal moment in the Battle of Yorktown).  By 1867 construction was complete on Fort Napoleon.  Why name a new fortification after a defeated dictator?  Les Saintes 2009 - Photo © Richard Soberka - then Napoleon’s nephew was Emperor of France!  How do the French now reconcile this militaristic remnant from their past with their far less truculent present?  They have built a botanical garden on top of the ramparts!

Meanwhile, Megan continues to develop her diving skills, swimming deeper and holding her breath longer.  Perhaps this is because she is the only one in the family who insists on a daily bath and shampoo at the transom.  Or perhaps it’s her love of sea creatures.  Here she holds “StarMe” (which she named for a Pokemon character).StarMe

The Saintes offer an easy mix of French creole food and culture, on the one hand, and beautiful hikes, on the other.

Anse Bouge

Did you notice Strider between Owen and Megan in the photo above?

Strider Anse Bourg

And here’s our home from street level…


Tomorrow we hike Chameaux, a 1044′ peak overlooking the harbor, for some final pictures before departing for Dominica – likely on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Anse Bourg, Les Saintes

  1. Have fun in Dominica! Chris and I spent our honeymoon there. There’s some excellent wall diving and we spent a lot of time in the mountains birding (fun to see the local parrots). Really enjoying following your adventures on the blog. The homeschooling opportunities sound incredible.


    • Thanks for the info, Mabs. The homeschooling is going well, so far! No surprise, but the best learning seems to happen when we take advantage of the opportunities we find along the way and when we allow the kids the freedom to make it their own. We plan to spend a couple of weeks on Dominica, so… more posts to come!


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