The Rodent War of 1985


When not helming Stridcookieer, Owen enjoys reading and creating battle scenes in all genres. His latest work of war fiction, The Rodent War of 1985, appears under “Owen’s Posts”. While the main characters in this story are modeled after our pets both past and present, our current pet rats, Bumble and Jazzmine, are not with us on this voyage. They are in the loving care of the wonderful Hachmeister/Orzano family, to whom we are extremely grateful. We have not yet seen any other rats on our journey, for which we are also extremely grateful.

2 thoughts on “The Rodent War of 1985

  1. Owen, You are very articulate. I really enjoyed reading The Rodent Wars, especially since I brought Smudge to you from New Hampshire. How did you choose the year 1985? Looking forward to reading more of the Farrar family adventures! —Kelly


    • Hi Kelly. The reason I chose the year of 1985 is because, it was a few years earlier from my birthday. I also chose it is because it is the year I am most familiar with back in the old days. So now you know and I’m very glad you like my story. If you want to ask anything more about it, just email me or my parents. My email is all one word, no spaces. Ok thanks for reading, bye.


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