We sailed for Georgetown with mixed feelings, looking forward to the supermarket and laundromat but sad to leave the pristine beauty of the out islands. We were happy to find that while Georgetown has most things a sailor needs, and this time of year the harbor is filled with more than a hundred cruising boats, it still possesses a small town charm.

We were still glum, however. At the end the week Blaire and Megan flew home to Connecticut, leaving Owen and Colin to continue the journey by themselves. Last summer, when we decided to extend our cruise into a second year, we agreed that Megan would return to her “real school” for the spring session. This will allow her to prepare for her important 8th grade year.

Blaire and Megan Fly Home

Blaire and Megan Flying Home

Megan has been in school for just a few days, but she has discovered that she is well prepared for her classes after her studies on Strider. And she landed her first choice of a part in the spring play – the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty!

Meanwhile, Owen and I miss Megan and Blaire. But we’re enjoying the extra space on the boat, not to mention the sudden surplus of fresh water and electricity. We’ve begun to sail north through the Exuma chain, with Owen serving as helmsman and trimmer while I work the windlass and foredeck. And we’re cooking the foods that we like: less quinoa and more key lime pie!

Departing Georgetown

Headed North from Georgetown

Owen and I will continue to blog as we navigate through the Bahamas and up the East Coast. We aim to sail into New England waters come mid-June. Meanwhile, savor this glimpse of Owen’s Famous Key Lime Pie. If it’s in a square pan, you know the crust is homemade!

My Kelime Pie




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