Summer Slowdown

Owen Bequia

Owen has been snorkeling deeper in search of treasures on the bottom. Here he holds a starfish he found off Bequia.  Click for new posts by Owen (here) and Megan (here).

Last week we made a short visit to Tyrrel Bay, on the island of Carriacou. It was Memorial Day weekend, so shops and restaurants were closed. Most everyone was “hanging out” at the shore: the kids swimming, the moms talking with each other, the dad’s drinking beer, and the old men slapping down dominos.

Next we sailed to Grenada… downwind (a rare treat these last six months)!  We will spend two weeks preparing Strider for haul out. There is much to do – cleaning, maintenance, and decommissioning systems – but we’ll also try to squeeze in a mountain hike and maybe a little scuba diving.

In late June we fly back to the States to visit family and friends. We will try to adjust to life on land, while Strider weathers the hurricane season in a special steel cradle at Grenada Marine.

Some recent photos showing life aboard:

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