o an m mt peleeMegan and Owen have each written posts on their own pages about our visit to St. Pierre, a city destroyed by the 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelee (pictured above). Here is a map:

IMG_2208Prior to Martinique we stopped in Portsmouth, Dominica, for a rainforest hike and some fresh fruit. The mangos are in season; you can buy them perfectly ripe for 50 cents a piece, or you can pick your own from a nearby tree.  We demolished a dozen or so – each!





The tradewinds reasserted themselves over the weekend, and Strider romped across the straits from Dominica to Martinique, making 8.5 to 9 knots.  We anchored 50 yards off the beach in downtown St. Pierre, with Mount Pelee looming in the background.  A scientific team now monitors the volcano, dormant since the 1920s, but during our stay we couldn’t help but keep a wary eye on the 4,000 foot-high peak. If it began spewing smoke and ash we would hoist anchor and make our getaway.



After reprovisioning in Marin, on the south coast of Martinique, we will sail to St. Lucia. We will update you from there. Meanwhile, more pics from St. Pierre:


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