The Journey Home Begins

There’s nothing better than watching your kids overcome initial discomfort and develop new confidence and skills, regardless of their starting point.


After two weeks enjoying the holidays in Prickly Bay, Grenada, we have begun the northbound journey that will take us through the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and up the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Before our departure we spent a few days provisioning at groceries and farmers’ markets. On one of these trips, while waiting for the bus, Owen made a new friend. The cat’s left ear was clipped, indicating it was neutered. We also stopped by the Grenada Coast Guard base to say hello to the goats, who were watching the mechanics work on a patrol boat. Then we hopped the #1 bus – a minivan with a driver, conductor, the three of us, and fourteen other passengers.



After buying local fruit and veggies, assorted hairy tubers, cereal, UHT milk, frozen meat, rum, and plenty of juice, we rode the bus back to the dinghy. Owen drove us quickly to Strider so we put the cold items in the fridge and freezer. We found Megan studying diligently. A great morning!

After sailing to the west coast of Grenada to snorkel the sculpture park, we headed north to Carriacou for scuba diving at Sisters Rocks. IMG_1740This was one of the best dives we’ve experienced in the Caribbean: dramatic rock formations, colorful sponges, forests of healthy black coral, and big pelagic fish, including a school of 30 barracuda. Our luck continued as we sailed to Tobago Cays, where we enjoyed three days of light winds and calm seas. Now we are anchored in Admiralty Bay on Bequia, the perfect place to catch up on some schoolwork.

There’s time for other things, too. Megan has been carving her own, personal “totems” in soapstone, while Owen has been facing challengers in his new Star Wars board game.

Our friends on Cedar are anchored nearby, and we hope to enjoy some island adventures with them. Bequia is reputed to have good scuba diving, too. We’ll let you know.






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